About us-Lanes Ceramic Works

Lanes Ceramic Works

Our History

It all started sometime in the mid to late 1920′s by Mr Lane, who started the business making pottery.
During the Second World War the business flourished thanks to the Italian prisoners of war who were sent here to make pots, pottery and crockery.
The PTY Ltd was established in 1946. Takis Hatjigiannakis bought the business in 1967 from the Kirchoff’s at which time they were producing clay flower pots and selling modeling clay.
We started making floor tiles in the early 1970′s after the earthquakes in the Western Cape, the first samples were very rough, but as we made more and gained more experience we improved our product.
Between more or less 1975 or 1985 we made studio pottery and also gave pottery classes, but due to poor demand the pottery side was stopped and full attention was given to the floor tiles.
George Hatjigiannakis took over in the early 1990′s and is still running the business making an ever popular hand-made clay floor tile.