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We manufacture a range of sizes in our tiles.  Should you need a bespoke size, please contact us and we will try and help you.  

Klompie Sizes are: 
230 x 115 x 38  
230 x 76 x 38 
230 x 55 x 38
230 x 38 x 38

BROKEN PIECES are also for sale.

We offer an A grade and a B grade in most of our sizes. The difference between A & B grade is that the B grades have small cracks that occur during firing.

Please note that we can have a waiting period of up to 10 weeks.  This is due to the fact that clay tiles have a long manufacturing process.  Please ensure that you place your order well in advance.

We occasionally get overburned tiles.  These are created due to excess heat in the kiln and cannot be produces as they cause damage to the kiln.  When available, they make a beautiful floor, but they do have some warping due to the heat

Should you want a rustic floor, please enquire about the availability of 3rd grade tiles in our 320x320 range.  C grades have large cracks.